A Glimpse of London’s Roman Past


So while I’m on my mini-hiatus, I though I’d just make a quick post to share with you something I found on my last trip to London, and thought was pretty interesting.

On a hunt to find an old bombed-out-church turned public-park (AKA St-Dunstan-in-the-East  -which I will be making a post about in the future), I also unexpectedly came upon another of London’s hidden historical gems; a well preserved section of London’s original city wall, built by the Romans back in 200 AD.

I had no idea that there was any remnants of the original city wall left intact in London, so it was quite an exciting thing to find upon exiting Tower Hill Station.

London is a extremely historic city, and little discoveries like this serve as a reminder as to how rich and complex that history is, and how many different ages and eras this city has seen. We really are very lucky.

So I though I’d break up my hiatus just to share this little tipbit, partly because I just find it really interesting…and also because I’m pretty proud of how this photo turned out.

Seriously – it’s one of my favourite photos I’ve taken so far! I’m slowly getting there with composition. It beats the photos I was taking when I first started out.

Anyway I’m slinking away back in to my hiatus now, but I hope this proved interesting.

Have a nice week!



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