5 Paranormal Places in America (You Can Actually Visit!)

Now if you’re reading this post then you – like me – are probably fascinated with tales of haunted places and spooky locations! But did you know that there are many real-life haunted locations out there that you can not only read about, but actually visit for yourself?

And this is no more true than in America, where there’s now an ever-growing number of paranormal locations opening their doors to the morbid public!

So from the site of a brutal family murder, to a terrifying stretch of road and a museum which houses the world’s most dangerous ‘possessed doll’, join me on a journey to 5 Paranormal Locations in America (You Can Actually Visit)! 

If you’re brave enough, that is….

Image from pixabay.com

1. Villisca Axe Murder House, Ioha

Who doesn’t fancy paying $420 to spend the night in a house where eight people were hacked to death? It may seem bizarre, but this is precisely what you can do at the Villisca Axe Murder House and Museum in Ioha!

This infamous building played host to one of the most shocking and brutal murders in American history. In 1912 a married couple, their four children and two neighborhood girls were all bludgeoned to death with an axe while they slept. The murderer was never identified, and the house has been notoriously haunted ever since!

Most reports concern the unexplained laughter and voices of children, which have also been recorded numerous times. Unexplained bangs and heavy objects being inexplicably knocked over are other common reports.

But if staying the night sounds a bit extreme, you’ll be pleased to know that a more sensible day tour option also exists! So if you have the guts to face the building’s bone-chilling history – and the abundance of creepy dolls that litter every room – then pop by for the official tour!

Image from Pixabay.com

2. Route 666, Arizona

The Arizona stretch of America’s ‘Route 66’ is also known as ‘The Highway to Hell’ and for good reason!

There are seemingly countless legends about Route 666, but the two most famous concern a phantom truck and a ferocious pack of demon dogs, who are said to attack cars and have actually been blamed for the high level of car crashes in the area.

Other terrifying sightings include Skinwalkers and a mournful young woman in a white nightdress, who witnesses claim vanishes if you attempt to approach her.

While these accounts have been enough to put many drivers off the infamous route, for many others its notoriety has only spurred intense curiosity. To the point that its name has now been changed to ‘Route 191’, due to the endless stream of people stealing its famous road-sign!

So if you feel like ticking Route 666 off your bucket list, good luck! Just heed this warning: ‘Drive Route 666 at night, and you drive at your own risk’.

Image from Pixabay.com

3. Roswell International UFO Museum, New Mexico

This is less a paranormal location and more an extraterrestrial one.

The famous site of the alleged Roswell UFO crash in the 1940’s – which continues to be the subject of many conspiracies to this day – this New Mexico town is certainly aware that it has unintentionally landed on a tourism gold-mine!

So if you are one of the many people fascinated by the rumours of alien autopsies and government cover-ups – or a cheerfully open-minded skeptic like myself – you should take the time to pop in to the Roswell International UFO Museum!

Wonderfully weird and kitsch, this rather goofy museum isn’t exactly high brow but is an awful lot of fun! Full of reconstructions of the supposed ‘alien autopsy’, models of envisioned alien cities, flying saucers and loosely explained UFO ‘science’, it’s quite hard not to find something rather appealing about it! Even in a rather stupid way.

And before you go, don’t miss the Alien Zone Area 51 Gift Shop, where you can find yourself similarly kitsch and daft alien souvenirs!

Lorraine Warren and the real ‘Annabelle the Doll’

4. Edd and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum, Conneticut

For 50 years demonologists Ed and Lorainne Warren have investigated some of the most terrifying hauntings in history! But during this time they have also collected hundreds of cursed and haunted items, resulting in one of the most nightmarish museums in existence.

Objects in this spine-chilling collection include a haunted organ that plays itself, voodoo dolls and even tomb stones used as satanic alters.

But without a shred of doubt, the museum’s most terrifying exhibit has got to be Annabelle the Doll – the inspiration behind the horror movie of the same name.

In reality a rather harmless looking raggedy-Anne-doll, Annabelle was taken in by the Warrens after she tormented her former owners. She has since been blamed for the death of a male visitor, who was killed in a motorcycle crash mere hours after taunting the doll.

So if you feel like perusing the terrifying objects on display, tours of the Warren’s Occult Museum can be booked by appointment only. But remember; whatever you do, do not taunt Annabelle! Unless you’re planning on a speedy end…

Image from Pixabay.com

5. Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana

Boasting a legacy of slavery and untimely deaths, this historic property has been left with a dark legacy and many, many ghosts. At least 12 of them in fact!

Myrtles Plantation‘s most famous ghost is that of ‘Chloe’. Chloe was a former slave whom legends say served a poisoned birthday cake to her master’s family, after he cut off her ear as punishment for eavesdropping. Her master’s wife and two young daughters died as a result, and Chloe herself was shortly after captured and hung from a tree on the property.

Ever since both Chloe and the two girls have been said to linger in the property. Chloe has supposedly been captured in a well-known photo taken at the property, and the girls are said to appear behind visitors in the reflection of the houses large hallway mirror. This so-called ‘Haunted Mirror’ of Mrytles Plantation is also said to accumulate tiny, child-sized handprints without explanation.

Sightings of former slaves are also commonly reported; approaching visitors to inquire after household chores.

Despite already bursting at the seams with spooks, the plantation still has room to offer guests a very comfortable bed for the night, with prices starting at $148 per night!

And if you don’t feel brave enough to stay the night, then day tours are another highly popular option to try out!


So what haunted or paranormal attractions have you guys visited in the USA? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

And if you enjoyed this post, then stay tuned for 5 More Paranormal Places in America (You Can Actually Visit!), coming the same time next week! Because things are about to get even spookier….


UPDATE: You can now read my follow-up post: 5 More Paranormal Places in America (You Can Actually Visit!)


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