5 More Paranormal Places in America (You Can Actually Visit!)

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1. Lizzie Borden B&B & Museum, Massachusetts

On a sleepy August morning in 1892, married couple Andrew and Abby Borden were found brutally hacked to death in unimaginably gruesome circumstances. The suspect? Andrew’s 32-year-old daughter, Lizzie. Having a long-held grudge towards her step-mother and a suspiciously inconsistent alibi, Lizzie was the key suspect, but was never actually convicted.

Did Lizzie actually commit this appalling crime? We may never know, but what do know is that the grisly events that occurred here have left a very haunted mark on the property. Which has, oddly enough, since been transformed in to a B&B.

This rather morbid B&B comes complete with optional ouja board sessions, grisly crime scene photos, and even a breakfast consisting of the same food Mr and Mrs Borden were said to have tucked in to shortly before their murder!

As for Mr and Mrs Borden themselves, rumours say they haven’t left. Unexplained footsteps are often reported, along with cold spots and even sightings of Lizzie herself!

Considering that this is a location voted ‘One of the Scariest Places on Earth’, the Lizzie Borden B&B & Museum is definitely not a place for the faint of heart, but it certainly offers a very unique experience!

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2. Winchester Mystery House, California

The Winchester Mystery House, situated in San Jose, California, is quite possibly the most bizarre property in the world!

A sprawling mass of rooms, passageways and staircases, this structural eccentricity includes 13 bathrooms, staircases that lead to nowhere, rooms so small they are impossible to enter, and doors that open to the empty air!

The mastermind behind this extraordinary building was Sarah Winchester, an heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, who tirelessly extended this enormous property for over 38 years.

The reason? She believed that she was being haunted by the victims killed by the Winchester rifles, and the only way to appease their angry spirits was to spend her fortune on endlessly adding to her house.

Was Sarah Winchester really plagued by the vengeful dead, or did she simply lose her mind under the strain of a guilty conscience?

It’s hard to say, what does remain is that the Winchester Mystery House one of the weirdest and most eccentric buildings you are ever going to enter!

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3. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Illinois

First opened in the 1840’s, this eerie cemetery quickly fell out of favor with the Victorian public and was left near-abandoned by the 1960’s.

During this period of neglect it became the victim of mass grave desecration, as well as the site of rumoured satanic rituals and a believed dumping ground for victims of the mafia.

In more recent decades the cemetery has become a hotspot for ghost hunters, due to its high levels of paranormal activity.

Reports include unexplained orbs and light anomalies, a disappearing phantom farmhouse, ghostly monks, and the apparition of a farmer and his plough horse, said to have drowned in the nearby lake.

Nevertheless, Bachelor’s Grove‘s most famous spirit has got to be the so-called ‘Madonna’ or ‘White Lady’ of Bachelor’s Grove. Local folklore states that she can be seen walking the cemetery at night with an infant cradled in her arms, and has also famously been caught on camera!

The cemetery itself is located in the middle of a forest preserve, and is free for respectful visitors to explore in daylight hours! So why not grab your camera and test out your inner ghost-hunter in this infamously haunted cemetery? It’s at least going to be incredibly creepy if nothing else…

Key West Martello Museum’s ‘Robert the Doll’

4. Key West Martello Museum, Florida

A museum may seem out-of-place on a list of haunted places, but it is not the location itself – but rather an exhibit in it – that is the attraction here! I am of course talking about Robert the Doll; AKA as the real life inspiration for Chucky.

Originally gifted to a young Robert Eugene ‘Gene’ Otto by a dismissed servant – sacked amid accusations of voodoo magic – Robert quickly demonstrated a mind of his own, terrorising his young owner!

Growing up, Gene seemed to be simultaneously besotted with and terrified of his beloved doll. Robert was frequently blamed for trashing Gene’s room, reportedly witnessed dashing from room to room by household staff, and was also heard ‘talking’ to Gene on more than one occasion

Despite all this, Gene refused to be separated from the doll right up until his death, after which he was passed to a little girl – who insisted Robert was trying to attack her – and then to the Key West Martello Museum.

But even behind glass, Robert is apparently still up to his old tricks! He is said to be inexplicably move position overnight, change expressions in front of visitor’s eyes, and even cause cameras to malfunction.

Speaking of cameras, make sure to ask Robert’s permission before taking photos!

Robert is said to curse those who don’t with dreadful bad luck, and his case is literally plastered with apology letters from unfortunate photographers!

Robert is also said by staff to be most active in October, so with Halloween coming up, there is no better time to pop in and say hello to Robert! Just make sure not to snap any unwanted photos while doing so!

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5. Salem Witch House, Massachusetts

This historic property may not necessarily be haunted, but it certainly has a very spooky history to it!

This listed 16th century property was home to magistrate Judge Jonahathan Corwon; most famous for overseeing the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.

This terrifying ordeal saw twenty innocent people sentenced to death amid a period of witchcraft hysteria, in one of the most infamous and horrific witch hunts in history!

After two young girls began suffering convulsions and blamed witches as the cause, mass hysteria swept the town of Salem, Massachusetts.

In the ensuing panic more than 150 people were accused of witchcraft, the accused ranging from an elderly man to a four-year old girl. A total of fourteen women and four men were ultimately executed; nineteen by hanging, with another victim dying gruesomely during torture.

400 years later the trials remain forever imprinted in history, but the ‘Salem Witch House‘ remains the only physical remnant of this time.

This fantastic walk-through museum provides a fascinating look at life in the 16th century, and examines the murky history tied to the building and its former occupant!

This very special historic property is a must for anyone with an interest in history or witchcraft, and is a can’t-miss stop on any paranormal road trip!


Are there any other ghoulish locations you think deserved a mention in this list? If so I’d love to hear in the comments below!

And if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to check out my original 5 Paranormal Places in America (you can actually visit!) post, for even more terrifying travel destinations in the USA!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I look forward to bringing you more stories of haunted attractions you can enjoy as time goes on!


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