Top 10 UK Halloween Attractions for 2016!


I’m not going to lie – Halloween is my favourite time of the year! I love everything morbid, spooky and ghoulish, so the fact we have a national holiday devoted to it is something that will never fail to reduce me to an over-excited five-year old!

And the only thing that can make Halloween even more exciting? Spooky Halloween events of course!

So after trawling through the internet in search of the most terrifying events on offer, here are my Top 10 UK Halloween Attractions for 2016!


1. Thorpe Park Fright Nights

I have yet to attend a Thorpe Park Fright Night for myself, but it remains a staunch ambition! After all, this attraction is legendary.

For October 2016 Thorpe Park will once again be unveiling a selection of horrifying mazes, rides and walk-throughs! Old favourites like The Big Top – which is not for those with a phobia of clowns – and escape challenge Containment will return once again to test the fearless souls who dare enter.

These big names will also be joined by the brand new attraction Platform No15, which invites visitors to take a walk down a long abandoned railway track, in search of the missing Sleeper Express. But beware: its passangers may still be lurking in the woods around you…

Frights Nights run throughout October, and tickets will cost you around £39! Check out their website for more details!

2. London Zombie Pub Crawl 2016

To be honest, the aftermath of a night out in the UK can offer resemble something close to a zombie apocalypse, as hordes of partygoers stagger home suffering the effects of a few too many. But guess what? This Halloween you can enjoy the full zombie drinking experience, with the addition of make up, fake blood, free shots – and a free T-shirt too! And all for the price of £20!

Beginning at the Tiger Tiger in Piccadilly Circus, this event is run by pub crawl company 1 Big Night. There are several different zombie pub crawls going on in London in 2016, but this one seems a particularly good deal!

For the price of your £20 ticket you will get admission to five West End Bars, possible prizes, an on hand professional photographer – oh, and glow sticks, did I mention the glow sticks?!

So for those who prefer to celebrate their Halloween through the means of some good, old-fashioned drinking, this is the gig for you! Check out their website for more details!

3. Alton Towers Scarefest

The second of two theme park attractions on this list, the 2016 Scarefest at Alton Towers Resort promises to be no less petrifying! Venture in to Subspecies: The End Game to discover an apocalyptic world besieged by an alien virus, or experience for yourself the legendary The Terror of the Towers!

The Dark Apocalypse and Freak Show walk-throughs return once again, as does the Alton Ancestors flash mob, ready to surprise visitors with some fun and spooky dance routines! Speaking of spooky, there are also many attractions on a more child-friendly ‘spooky’ rather than ‘scary’ level, so the Alton Towers Scarefest is a great day out for families too!

2016 also sees the arrival of the brand new 15+ Altonville Mine Tours, taking you on a blood-curdling journey deep in to a cave with a very grisly history, and even more grisly inhabitants. Are you brave enough to face the legend of ‘The Skinsnatchers‘?

An adult day ticket will cost you a little under £44, with an additional fee for certain scare mazes! It may be a high price, but Alton Towers promises a fun day out, for families and thrill-seekers alike! Check out their website for more!

4. The London Dungeons

I visited The London Dungeons with a small group of friends earlier this year, and I’ve got to say that it is likely the most fantastic – and scariest – attraction in all of London!

Themed around the murky and bloody history of London, and boasting an extensive cast of actors, 360 different sets and two rides, this gory attraction is 100 minutes of pure fun and terror!

And for October only, The Dungeons are opening its doors to a brand new show dedicated to histories most formidable Witch Hunter General; Matthew Hopkins. And he’s on the hunt for his next victim….

So with Halloween approaching, there is no better time to visit the dungeons! An adults saver ticket will cost you £22.95 online, and trust me, it is definitely worth the price!


5. Scaresville – The Haunted Village

One of Britain’s biggest scare attractions and a winner of the prestigious Screamie Award, Scaresville returns to Suffolk for its 10th year!

This enormous horror trail takes you through buildings, woods and parkland as you explore the grounds of Kentwell Hall. But beware, for in the dark of the night, there lurks a collection of unsettling spectres waiting to catch you unawares…

While the premise may be fairly simple it is a highly effective one, and the accounts I’ve heard from people who’ve experienced it are those of pure fear and adrenaline!

In addition to its hour-long horror trail, the attraction also boasts two cafes serving hot food and drinks, as well as a small bar, for those visitors who need a drink or two settle their nerves after the horrors of the night!

For those who feel brave enough to enter the haunted village, tickets cost £23.95 each, and there is an online discount for groups of 8 or over! Under 14s will not be admitted.

6. Dusk Till Dawn Halloween Ghost Hunts

In 2016 Essex’s favourite ghost hunting company will be unlocking the gates to some of the counties most haunted buildings, and you are invited!

The company will be holding group investigations in a variety of terrifying settings in and around Essex, including the likes of a prison, an abandoned asylum and The Four Crosses Inn in Cannock Chase, the reported haunt of a black-eyed child!

Investigations run from the early evening to the early hours of the morning, and may include seances, ouja board sessions, table tipping and the opportunity to use professional ghost-hunting equipment.

Refreshments will be provided, but alcohol is strictly forbidden. So if you were hoping to prepare yourself with a bit of dutch courage beforehand, no-can-do unfortunately. Under 18s are also not allowed.

Prices vary and there are an assortment of locations on offer, so do check out their website for more details!

7. Screamfest

Staffordshire’s famous annual scare attractions is back, to terrify more victims brave enough wander in to the dark abyss of its corn mazes!

Much like Scaresville, this is an attraction with a simple premise used to incredibly scary effect! This years mazes include the likes of Night Bringer, Freakout, and the incredibly eerie Children of the Corn. Because nothing is scarier than evil children…

2016 will also mark the arrival of brand new maze Love Hurts, which promises to add a new level of terror to the Screamfest lineup!

When you tire of stumbling through the ghoul infested mazes, you can also recover your nerves by indulging in a bit of zombie paintball, taking part in a fancy dress competition, or enjoying some hot food from one of the sites numerous food stalls.

Screamfest really does have a lot to offer, and all for a very reasonable £20! And early bird tickets are even cheaper, so get booking quick!

Image: Pixabay

8. Month of the Dead

For the entirety of October a series of special tours, talks and events are being held all over London, based around the morbid theme of death. So for those who enjoy taking a more learned approach to the Halloween Festivities, this is right up your street!

There truly is something to cater to all tastes, from tours of haunted cemeteries – such as Highgate Cemetary – a glimpse of in to the Museum of London‘s bone archive, as well as a lecture on the history of necrophilia and taxidermy classes. For all you weird sods out there.

Other – less stomach churning – delights include cemetery held music concerts and a guided tour of St Bride’s crypt. Which sounds fascinating, if very unnerving.

While most events are paid – with prices varying – there is at least one free event; the Death Cafe. This free event invites you to sit down, meet new people, enjoy some delicious tea and cake, and discuss the oh so cheerful topic of death. So if pondering your own mortality over a slice of cake is your cup of tea, do drop in.

You can find out more about the Death Cafe and other ghastly events on offer over on the official website here.

9. London Ghost Bus Tours

London’s history is a long and bloody one, scarred with murders, executions and reputed hauntings. And with Halloween here at last, there is no better time to hop on to London’s ghoulish Ghost Bus, for a spine-chilling look at London’s history!

This ghoulishly restored 1960’s routemaster will take you on a 75 minute journey around London, as it’s equally ghoulish conductor regales you with tales of London’s various hauntings, executions and murder sites!

With the addition of on board actors and a healthy dose of technical trickery, the London Ghost Bus promises to be the most fun and scary way to delve in to London’s history this Halloween season!

Tickets cost around £20.95 for an adult, with courageous children also welcome on board! Tours are only held in the evening, and private tours can be also organised online.

10. Dr Frights Halloween Nights

This Northhampshire based Halloween attraction is a multi-award winner, and for good reason! Voted last years Best UK Halloween Screampark, this horrifying collection of mazes and walk-throughs is the stuff of true nightmares!

This years five walk-throughs are each themed around a different decade of horror cinema, as you journey from 1950’s black and white horror flicks to the disturbing delights of modern horror!

It certainly looks set to be one of the scariest UK Halloween events of 2016, and also has a lot to offer for the cinema buffs out there! Here, you don’t just get to watch your favourite horror movies. You get to live it out for yourself.

Giving its intense nature this indoor horror attraction is not recommended for children under 12. Under 15s must be accompanied by an adult, and alcohol is strictly prohibited on site. Tickets cost around £20.95 per person, and can be pre-booked here.


What ghoulish delights have you got lined up for your Halloween? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

And whatever you may be doing, I wish you a very spooky Halloween, and stay tuned for more weird and spooky posts over the next few weeks!


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