My 25 Favorite Instagrams from Japan!



Back in August 2016 I traveled to Japan for the first time and it was a truly amazing experience! Japan is such a colourful, quirky and beautiful country, and I think nothing captured this quite as well as the instagrams I posted during and after this trip!

So in order to share with other curious travelers what it’s really like to travel to Japan, I’ve put together a collection of my favourite instagrams from my time in the country! Enjoy!



1. This Hello Kitty yukata (summer kimono) was for sale outside a Sanrio store in Harajuku! So adorable!



2. A obligatory shot of Harajuku‘s iconic Takeshita Dori gate! I love how this photo captures how busy this hugely popular shopping district is.



3. Cream & Banana crepe in Harajuku! This delicious crepes are world-famous, and for good reason!



4. An awesomely-weird T-shirt I discovered while browsing Harajuku! Who doesn’t want a trippy galaxy/cat T-shirt to add to their wardrobe?



5. Another favourite ‘people-shot’, taken at a shrine in Asakusa. This shrine was near my hotel, and was bustling with visitors every evening!



6. These gorgeous umbrellas had secret patterns that only appeared when wet! The colours were just too beautiful not to capture on camera.



7. Adorable Disney cosmetics for sale at ItsDemo in Shibuya!



8. Delving in to the weird and wonderful world of Maid Cafes in Shibuya!



9. Awesome game advertisements in Shibuya – advertisements for this particular game were literally everywhere when I visited!



10. Enjoying chocolate Taiyaki in Akihabara; a delicious street dessert that I really recommend trying if you get the chance!



11. Inside of one of Akihabara’s many manga (comic) stores. This huge store was five floors high!



12. Life-sized Laputa robot at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka!



13. Befriending a rather naughty budgie at the Kotori (lit ‘Little Birds’) Cafe! This little guy kept biting my ears (ouch)!



14. One of many photos of the breathtaking scenery at Tokyo DisneySea Resort – just look at the view!



15. ‘Little Green Men’ mochi; adorable and tasty. And definitely not to be missed if visiting!



16. The dazzling Mermaid Lagoon at Tokyo DisneySea! Simply too pretty for words…



17. What little girl wouldn’t dream of owning one of these? But at £45 they don’t come cheap!



18. One of the many game arcades I visited while in Japan. I don’t want to calculate how much I spent in these…



19. This gorgeous kimono/hakama ensemble was outside a Kimono rental store in a shopping arcade. I have to admit that I rather fell in love with this!



20. Inside the Gion district in Kyoto; Japan’s most famous geisha district!



21. More stunning rental kimono in Gion. These shops were everywhere and I never grew tired of spotting them!



22. These eye-catching cute anime-girl posters were all over the Kyoto subway! I’d be lying if I said I know what they’re for though.



23. Met this photogenic fella at the Owl’s Forest ‘zoo’ in Kyoto! What a handsome little guy!



24. A bengal kitty keeping a wary distance from me at another ‘mini-zoo’ in Kyoto. Cats just do not seem to like me. For some reason..



25. Meeting a real Maiko in Kyoto! This was seriously one of the most magical moments of my trip, and  you can read all about my encounter here!


So that was My 25 Favourite Instagrams from Japan!

Of course, I couldn’t end this post without a bit of shameless self-promotion and linking you to my instagram! There you will find these photos plus many, many more, so do follow me to keep up to date with my ongoing adventures!


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