10 Seriously Awesome Airbnb Listings In The UK


Over the last eight years Airbnb has dramatically changed the way we travel. Goodbye pricey hotel rooms! Farewell crowded hostels! There’s now a new option; renting the homes and apartments of ordinary people around the world.

But the wonderful world of Airbnb’s turned out to be anything other than ordinary. The likes of windmills, churches and even caves are popping up ever more frequently on the website! And in true British spirit, the UK’s embraced this eccentricity as thoroughly as anywhere else.

So after much research I’ve narrowed down the 10 of the most amazing – and unusual – Airbnb rentals in the UK. And trust me; if you’ve never used Airbnb before, you’re seriously gonna want to after reading this!



1. Stargazer in a Country Garden (Somerset): £30 per night

There’s no more beautiful sight than the night sky, and this getaway lets you enjoy it in all its glory! Tucked away in the British countryside this pretty, rustic hut allows guests to spend their nights gazing at the stars through its triangular glass roof. And if you ever tire of beholding nature’s beauty, there’s always the free wifi too.



2. Historic English Castle (Cumbria): £160 per night

Ever dreamed of spending your weekend away living like royalty? Well for £160 a night you can make this dream a reality! This grand 18th century castle boasts 15 individual guest rooms, each bursting with individual character. Not to mention a selection of turrets, battlements and hidden passageways for more adventurous guests to explore!



3. Yurt and Shepard’s Hut (Leicester): £75 per night

Get the full glamping experience at this cosy lodging in Leicester! Providing guests with the choice between a snug yurt and a charming shepherds hut, it’s safe to say you’ve never stayed anywhere quite like this! Both accommodations boast double beds, heating and cooking facilities, but the true highlight has got to be the enormous outdoor hot tub.



4. Hobbit House (Powys): £50 per night

Millions of us have dreamed of visiting the Hobbiton set in New Zealand. But alas, for many (me included) this isn’t an easily affordable destination. But worry not, for you can actually visit a real life hobbit-hole here in the UK, and not just visit, but actually stay the entire night! This – frankly genius – listing is the brainchild of hosts Tin and Rosie, and is a dream destination for any LOTR fan. And at £50 a night much cheaper than a trip to NZ!



5. Romany Caravan (Cornwall): £68 per night

There’s few ideas quite as romantic as spending your nights tucked up in a traditional Romany caravan. But in true Airbnb form, one enterprising host has made this fantasy a reality with this exquisitely furnished listing! In addition to this dreamy accommodation guests can also enjoy an accompanying day cabin amidst five acres of lush greenery.



6. Mini Traditional Log Cabin (Cumbria): £38 per night

Imagine waking up from a good nights sleep to be greeted by nature on your very doorstep. Well this may be sound too good to be true but it’s a real possibility nonetheless! This sturdy log cabin stands on a private estate among stunning surroundings and a herd of red deer. This is one Airbnb rental that’s sure to delight any animal lover!



7. Mongolian Yurt (Derbyshire): £70 per night

The second yurt to be featured on this list, this stands out because of it’s simply lush decor and overall aura of coziness! With the handy addition of cooking facilities and a cosy wood burning stove, it’s a relaxing retreat that’s perfect for escaping the madness of modern life.



8. Romantic Treehouse (Yorkshire): £82

When you hear the word ‘honeymoon’ what destinations do you think of? The Maldives? Paris? Or what about a treehouse in Yorkshire? Well unless you’re weird (like me) you’ve probably never considered the last option. But yes, it does exist. High up in these luxury tree houses couples can enjoy the ultimate romantic honeymoon – candles, fairy lights and king-sized bed included!



9. French School Bus (Cotswolds): £60 per night

Okay, the rest of the competition can go home now. This is officially the weirdest Airbnb listing in the UK! This curious little holiday home comes equipped with all the required living necessities such as cookers, heating, comfy beds and even wifi. And all inside the  surprising confines of a former school bus. Who’d of thought it?



10. Hatches Castle (Ireland): £83

And to round of this list here’s another castle offering the entire fairytale-package, but this time at a more affordable £83 a night. This delightfully restored castle is complete with an original spiral staircase, magnificent dining room and period bedrooms that will make you believe you’ve been transported right in to the pages of Jane Eyre!


For more weird and wonderful rentals do check out Airbnb’s website. What’s your favourite place on this list? Do let me know in the comments!

And if you’re planning on holidaying in the UK this year, why not also check out my guide to 10 Attractions (You Can Only Visit) in Cornwall?


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20 thoughts on “10 Seriously Awesome Airbnb Listings In The UK

  1. rhiydwi

    These are all so cool!! Beats Travelodge any day haha. Had I any idea there was a Hobbit hole in Wales I totally would have already been by now. Absolute dream come true! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cindy

    We love AirBnB but we have never stayed anywhere that cool! They all look awesome but I really want to stay in the hobbit’s house!!! A french schoolbus??? Some people have so much imagination! I would never have thought of turning that into an accommodation. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

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