New Year, New Buckelist


When you’re struggling for post ideas what do you do? Leap on a popular bandwagon of course! And one particular trend that keeps popping up in the midst of my eternal mind blank is the old blogger’s favourite; bucket lists.

So to hell with it, why not give that a try?

But before I get stuck in to the actual bucket list I have to admit that I’m something of a newbie traveller, so the real thing is less a list, more a giant, hardback volume. Or 10. Picture one of those enormous bookshelves that take up entire walls – that’s what I’m aiming for in my lifetime!

But I highly doubt you want to read my lifetime supply of aspiring adventures, and I’m not going to inflict it on you anyway. So please don’t run away!

Instead I’m just going to focus on the near future. Let’s say the next ten years. I’m only 22 and have my whole life ahead of me (if I manage to avoid any stupid accidents), so for now these destinations will happily do!


Image: Pixabay


Ask any European whether they want to visit America and their answer will probably be yes. Basically every non-American wants to visit the United States at some point. I’m far from alone in that. But I’ve got my own (admittedly more peculiar) reasons to make my way to the ol’ US of A!

  1. The Wild West. OK, I’ve worked in a stately home. I know how annoying it is encountering overenthusiastic tourists with a fanatical fixation on one frustratingly limited era of your nation’s history. But out of the confines of my own country, I am also one of those annoying tourists! Sorry.
  2. Haunted Attractions. We’re certainly not deprived of haunted houses and hotels here in the UK, but the USA boasts some pretty legendary examples! The Lizzie Borden House, the Warren’s Museum and the Winchester Mystery House are but a few locations I’d love to slap on my fantasy American road trip. And a brief stop at Roswell is obviously also obligatory.
  3. American diners. I’m weirdly obsessed with the idea of eating at a proper American diner! They pop up all the time in 80’s movies, American TV, road trip documentaries and are basically a key American symbol to Western eyes. And I’m obsessed with those giant sundaes customers always seem to be shown eating! They look AMAZING.


Image: Pixabay

South Korea

I did consider adding Korea to my travel intinary during my Japan trip last year, but ultimately decided against it due to the additional cost. Which was probably a sensible decision in hindsight, but has left me with a real hankering to visit the country as part of a future trip!

Much like Japan it’s the exciting combination of culture, scenery and food that attracts me to South Korea. I’m a bit of a Korean horror movie fan, and I’d love to nail down a little of the language while I’m out there!

I’m also curious to get a little closer to it’s secretive neighbour North Korea, which is today almost entirely obscured from outside eyes. Which naturally makes my curiosity all the greater. Though whether I’d actually be able to is another story…


Image: Pixabay


Many, many factors make me want to pack my bags and head to Thailand, but it’s mostly down to one magnificent national animal; the Asian elephant!

Elephants have been my favourite animal ever since I was little, and I’ve dreamed of visiting an Elephant sanctuary for just as long. To spend a week in the company of these wonderful, intelligent creatures would be an absolute dream come true!

Not all Thailand’s elephant sanctuaries are the havens you’d expect them to be – I’m very aware of that. But there are so many moving accounts by fellow bloggers of the wonderful centres out there, which have left me positively itching to grab a slice of the action for myself!


Image: Pixabay

Scottish Highlands

As my regular readers may have noticed, I’m a liiiiiitle bit obsessed with Edinburgh and its ghoulish heritage! But as fascinating as this awe-inspiring gothic city and its grisly history may be, I’d also love to venture further afield and experience Scotland as a whole.

Rolling coastlines, rocky cliffs, tiny, charming villages and hairy highland cattle are just some of the delights I’d hope to see when travelling Scotland. And tucking in to some good old-fashioned haggis and black-pudding sounds delightful too!


Image: Pixabay


It’s fair to say that Iran is one tremendously misunderstood country. The horror stories and widely entrenched prejudice it’s subjected to is especially relevant today given the current state of American politics (i.e the gormless, toupeed goon who’s recently become president).

Iran is a cess-pool of terrorism, oppression and fierce anti-West sentiment, right?


While anything positive about the country may be largely drowned out by fear-mongering media and certain islamophobic politicians, every account I’ve seen from actual travellers who’ve stayed in the country have been overwhelmingly positive. These stories instead tell of country inhabited by friendly, welcoming people, with a complex culture and beautiful architecture! Few things feel as good as busting a stereotype, and I’d love to join the growing band of bloggers busting myths about this misguidedly feared corner of the planet.


Image: Pixabay


If you say you’re not excited by the prospect of reindeer, husky sledding and the aurora borealis you’re lying! Or you have no soul. One or the other.

Okay, accusing you of lacking a soul may a tad harsh but still; who doesn’t want to visit Lapland? Dream-come-true animal experiences, stunning surroundings and even the world’s most spectacular natural light show (if you’re lucky)!

And if you add in to the equation the fanciful image of cosy wooden huts and steaming mugs of cocoa, this is one trip-of-a-lifetime that’s hard to turn your nose up at.

I’m not great with the cold, but this strikes me as one destination that’s well worth braving the icy temperatures! I say as I huddle next to the radiator dressed in my warmest jumper…


Image: Pixabay

Sri Lanka

Both my parents having spent time travelling here, visiting Sri Lanka feels something of a rite of passage for me. I still own the pair of hand carved wooden elephants my parents brought back from their travels all those decades ago. And the sight of them nestled side by side on my shelf has always spurred me on to make it there myself one day!

Combine this personal connection with an abundance of amazing wildlife, a rich-cultural history and some mouth-watering national cuisine, and here you have one destination I’m determined to get to! And one I’ll undoubtedly feel very proud to finally cross off my bucket list.


What’s on your travel bucket-list? Do let me know in the comments!


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14 thoughts on “New Year, New Buckelist

  1. Rosie

    I love reading others’ bucket lists – always gives me food for thought, as such. My parents used to do long road trips across the US in conjunction with my dad’s work and one place they always go on about is the “Mystery Spot” – it’s somewhere in California (can’t remember exactly where) which defies gravity. I didn’t make it there myself when I was out in the US two summers ago, but it sounds like an intriguing place to visit! It’s a shame some countries are so misrepresented in the media – I studied Persepolis (a graphic novel, but lately also a film, about the Iranian Revolution) in my final year at uni, and it gave me the impression that Iran has a really rich cultural history, far from the image we’re always presented with in the news! I’m planning to explore more of the UK this summer (hopefully the weather will cooperate with my hiking plans!) and one day I’d love to visit New Zealand… but for now I’m trying to stay fairly open to travel opportunities and see what happens 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Rosie

        It’s incredible how Satrapi manages to really convey what life was like at that time through images and a small amount of text (and the film remains pretty faithful to the book – possibly because Satrapi was involved in the production!)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. katelnewman

    Incredible Alice! What a great list you’re aiming to achieve. I’m also longing to visit Korea, the north is so secluded from the rest of the world. It’s hard to not be curious X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wanderfully Living

    Yay for Scotland making the list 🙂 Japan is top of my bucket list along with many other Asian countries, so many diverse cultures on that continent

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jennormous

    This is great! I also am in the works to update my bucket list, however, most of my 2017 list include hikes and that sort of thing. South Korea is awesome btw, lots of culture, delicious food, and shopping-if you’re into it. I think it is quite possible to go to Pyongyang but you need to plan at least 3 months in advance I’ve heard.

    Looking forward to your adventures!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Born to Travel

    Now that’s a big list! Good luck with finding the time and money to achieve it. Look forward to reading about your travels.
    We intend walking some more of the Great Ocean Walk in our state of Victoria, here in Australia. Overseas, Spain and Portugal are planned but if we can return to Japan or squeeze in Columbia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands that would be really good too.


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