Paris’ Empire Of The Dead: The Paris Catacombs


A journey in to France’s own City of the Dead; the Paris Catacombs!


Highgate Cemetery – London’s Most Haunted Cemetery


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Back in 2015 I visited Highgate East Cemetery in Highgate, London. One thing that readers on this blog will probably quickly come to know is that I am more than a little obsessed with anything to do with ghosts or hauntings, and as such, Highgate Cemetary was a must on my Haunted-Places bucket list.

Highgate has been linked to more than a few creepy stories over the last few decades. From rumors of satanic rituals taking place, reported sightings of a ghostly nun and the notorious legend of the Highgate Vampire – which sparked such hysteria in the 70’s that an actual vampire hunt was organised for the cemetery. It is therefore unsurprisingly more than a little infamous in British Legend and folklore.

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