25 Awesome Travel Instagrams You Need to Follow!


For all us bloggers instagram is a pretty indispensable part of our social media kit!

Afterall, where-else are you going to show off all those fantastic travel snaps, or find awesome photos taken by fellow travellers to inspire your next adventure?

But those just starting out on instagram may very well be asking ‘just who should I follow for my travel inspiration’?

Well with that question in mind, here’s my list of 25 of my favourite travel instagrammers, who never fail to inspire my inner adventurer!




1. bluekatiecat

I love this girl for two reasons: a) like me she’s a UK dweller, and b) because she also inserts short, interesting stories about the places she’s photographed! It really adds another dimension to her instagrams, and I’m always looking forward to the next one!



2. pettraveltales

Travelling the world with your dog in tow is a total dream for most dog lovers. Well this instagrammer brings this dream to life alongside their mischievous german shepard Ares, and the results are endlessly entertaining!



3. zoaroundtheworld

This blogger’s travel photos never fail to inspire me to travel the world myself! She always makes the places she goes to look absolutely amazing, and the people she meets there even more so!

4. a.study.in.charlotte

The quirky and striking photos on this account are always intriguing. A really playful, joyful take on travel photography, this account is a real pleasure to follow!



5. bigworldsmallpockets

Currently located in Australia, this brilliant account makes gallivanting around the outback look irresistibly exciting! It’s very hard not to be inspired to one day do the same while looking through this account – it looks ridiculously exciting!



6. Hauteculturefashion

It’s no secret that I absolutely loved my trip to Japan earlier this year, and this account definitely fuels my determination to someday return! Full of colourful, gorgeous photography, this account is a true gem – and not just for Japan-lovers!



7. Sunnyinlondon

This account is fantastic for providing constant inspiration for great things to get up to in and around London, especially for food lovers! A must-follow for any London-based blogger or traveller!



8. quirkylittleplanet

Much as the named suggests, this account embraces the quirkier side of travel! Which – of course – is right up my street. The photos are fun and always entertaining, making this a fantastic account for anyone to follow!



9. allie_voyage

Another Japan-based instagram that really makes me long to return to there! This photographer really has a knack for capturing the everyday moments, making this account an excellent little snapshot of expat life in Japan!



10. allison_wongsw

Exciting and adventurous, this instagrammer ventures everywhere from amusement parks to exotic locations, camera in hand! These awesome photos really gets me itching to travel!



11. ideasoflivingblog

The exploits of this backpacking couple are always interesting! Whether they are wandering around Asia or encountering wild animals in the Australian outback, their adventures always grab your attention, and make you – frankly – rather jealous!



12. nomanbefore

These heartwarming photos of a couple of travelling the globe with their young son in tow always make me smile. The locations they travel to are simply breathtaking, and there’s a wonderfully calming feel to their style of photography!



13. vanessawantstotraveltheworld

Another instagrammer with a talent for capturing the little details, this account is always engrossing! It really reminds you to slow down and look around you, as there is always joy to found in the simple details we usually overlook.



14. hiddentreasuresldn

Finding those secret, hidden spaces in London is one of my favourite things to do, and this account is entirely dedicated to them! Whether curious landmarks or off-the-beaten-track things to do there, it’s always fascinating!



15. thetraveltart

This account never fails to be absolutely captivating or just plain funny. Seriously, this is one of the funniest travel instagrams out there – it would be a shame to miss it!



16. adelightfulgirl

As delightful as its name, this account provides an endless stream of fantastic travel snapshots from around the world! Crisp, postcard-perfect photography – it’s a truly lovely account!



17. porthjess

This wonderfully chic account by a Bristol-based photographer perfectly encapsulates British life at its most iconic and colourful! Whether the lush nature of parks or the cheerful charm of vintage cars, it’s a superb account to follow!



19. poppy_loves_london

This wonderfully stylish account really captures London at its most stunning! The photographer manages to make London life look effortlessly luxurious, and I can’t lie; I’m pretty darn jealous of their photography skills!



19. mylondonfairytales

Another stunning London-based account, this instagram provides a breathtaking depiction of life as a Londoner. Seriously, this account is gorgeous, do check it out!



20. findingbeyond

This instagram follows another nomadic couple as they traverse around Asia, and take some delightful photography along the way! The thing I like most about the account is its wonderful focus on the people they meet along the way, which adds a really lovely touch to their travels!



21. untoldmorsels

Another British instagrammer, this account serves as a bit of a love letter to old, romantic architecture and country living! From old thatched cottages to grazing cows and ruins, it really makes rural life look very appealing!



22. pommietravels

This British model and actress’ instagram account is incredibly energetic and eye-catching! It’s not a lifestyle that many of us can realistically attain, but boy, it doesn’t half look exciting!



23. littlegypsyblog

This exploits of this adventuress really makes me want to grab my backpack and travel the globe for myself! Providing fantastic little snapshots from all over the globe, this is another account that is sheer jealousy fuel!



24. seekingseayama

Another dreamily romantic account that really makes me ache to explore the world. This photographer visits simply the most jaw-dropping and incredible locations, and the results are utterly beautiful!



25. thetravellingbrunette

This photographer really manages to track down and photograph the prettiest parts of the UK! The most charming aspects of British life are celebrated in these gorgeous images, and I for one am very glad to have followed this account!


Did you enjoy this list? I hope it came in useful!

And on a final note  my own instagram account is here so please do check it out!



Who are your favourite travel instagram accounts? Do let me know in the comments!


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The wanderluster’s guide to 25 of the best travel photographers to follow on instagram!


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